Aristalife has its own agarwood plantation in Kerala,India. The stages of agarwood plantation starts from identifying seed bearing Aquilaria trees to storing of the. In plantation forestry, it is essential to carefully assess the ecological conditions at the planting and to assess whether a potential species will survive and grow. AGAR PLANTATION About Us The importance of agar wood for many uses has long been recognized. Agar wood is also considered the world’s most valuable.

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What is Agarwood

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Suitability of land types soft and sandy clay soil with a pH between 4. A number of others are also known, such as Aquilaria grandfolia, Aquilaria chinesis etc. There are many grades of Agarwood oil. Agarwood cannot be synthesized. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The inducer is also injected down to the root for the formation of root resins. Coco peat has great oxygenation properties. In Egypt and Japan, Agar wood was used to embalm dead bodies. Phialophora parasitica, Torula sp. Please upgrade your browser Or Use google Crome. The global demand for agarwood in the production of oils, traditional medicines, herbal tea, perfumes and carved ornaments increases its price and market value. You are not required to boil your tea on the stove like making artichoke flower tea but 80 C degree water is perfect to make good tea.

So give me some instruction for agarwood. Since the demand for agarwood is increasing with time, it is cultlvation to increase the plantation of Aquilaria trees to increase the availability of agarwood.

Agar Plantation – Bharat Nursery

Plantations International Related posts: Home Contents Photos Achievement Founder. Chamfer the circumference of planting hole to improve water catchment 9. Mixing the mixture to small particle possible. A strong connection exists between use, religion, and curative properties, and elaborate traditional and religious ceremonies are known around the world. A Guide to the Domestic Cultivation of Aquilaria Trees With the advancement of technology, Agarwood plantation has been done by many people on a small or large scale by making use of artificial inoculation techniques.

As the seeds exposed to the atmosphere will quickly lose it viability, successful storing is necessary to keep the seeds for plantation.

The scent is particularly sought after. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Agarwood Plantation Stages

Older seedlings might not be good due to root coiling in the confined polybag if polybag is not big enough. A wide array of products of different grades is available on the market, varying with geographical location and cultural deposition. Agar wood tea is herbal infusion and made of Aquilaria leaves.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. These were sown in the nursery beds and poybags.

Refill the planting hole to appropriate level. Deep planting will rot the stem in long run. Aquilaria crassna is now a protected species in Viet Nam.

Artificial production of agarwood oil in Aquilaria sp. I believe agarwood is not exactly a tree but a kind of specific spices that is favoured by a specific wood-boring mould microscopic insect which feeds on its pith to secrete the agar or aghori. The value of first-grade Agarwood is extremely high. Therefore, diagnostic methods can be developed using the conserved regions flanking the microsatellites.

Within 2 to 3 cultivatiom, the inducer gets transported to the whole tree consequently leading to wounds on the tree. Further a large number of microsatellites over containing sequences using next generation sequencing on Ion Torrent PGM platform were identified and developed. The youngest leaves of resinous Agar wood tree are harvested at a certain time in the early morning in order agarwold preserve the freshness and pureness in the flavor.

Agar wood is derived from the diseased timber of Aquilaria species of the family Culyivation. Scientists find way for swifter production of fragrant agarwood.

What is Agarwood

The resin compound of agar wood is highly commercial. Technology for accelerating agar wood production is intensively studied and several agar wood cultivation plots have been established in several locations. On the distribution level—the oil is agarwood with other oils or synthetic chemicals are added to attempt to replicate the scent. Deep planting will rot the stem in long run. In the wild, the production of this resin can take many years and like a good wine, the older the resin-the more prized it becomes.

August 2, at 2: Agar wood Beads made from grown-up trees is another area of its usability. Because of rapid depletion in the wild, convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora listed Agarwoods like aquilaria, gonystylus and gyrinops as potentially threatened species.

Aquilaria can grow on a wide range of agarwoood, including poor sandy soil. Planting Agar wood suitable for planting in the lowland areas to the mountains at an altitude of 0 — meters above sea level with an average rainfall of less than cm. Agarwood is known for its fragrance.