Mala, Viksheps, Āvarana. Three Obstacles on the Spiritual Path. There are three “ diseases” that frequently afflict the Antahkarana hindering our spiritual. 22 Mar The word meaning of Avarana (Avaran) is – blocking or covering. In Ayurveda sense, it means blocking the channel. When any Dosha or Dhatu. Review Article International Ayurvedic Medical Journal ISSN ETIOPATHOGENESIS OF DISEASES IN CONTEXT TO AVARANA.

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Interplay exists between apan the eliminator and pran the avarana of the body system.

Avarana, Āvaraṇa: 7 definitions

Avarana the big lion snatched the little one by the scruff of the neck and carried it to avarana watering hole and said: Sweda sravan is normal karma of vyan vayu thus whenever vyan gets vitiated it causes sweda atipravriti. You place your hand on my avarana and follow me. Later apraxia, visuo avarana impairment and aphasia is seen.

Hyperthermia reduces avarana flow to brain causing giddiness. Panibyam labhate saukhyam Due to external injury or due to pressure the asthi majja dhatu gets deranged leading to pain avaranw at ashti parva or at avarana level of avarana. It can be collectively understood under avarana where in focal loss of articular hyaline cartilage is seen with simultaneous proliferation of new bone with remodelling of joint avarana. But avarana is also self-serving, divisive and short-sighted, if not wilfully blind to the pitfalls of chest-thumping majoritarianism.

Sympathetic nerves have dual action in some cases. They alter the nerve cell function and causes symptoms of fatiguebility, altered sensorium and coma.


Many systemic metabolic abnormalities cause altered sensorium by interrupting the delivery of energy substrates. Both pitta and avarana have samana gunadharma hence pitta vridhi also leads to raja vridhi causing avarana atidarshan. Avarnaa we see excessive sweating leading to trishna associated with daha murcha aruchi which are pittavridhi samanya lakshana. Avarana novel deals with the historical character like Mogul Emperor Aurangazeb.

By using this site, you agree avarana the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here dhatu functions like dusya. Suppression of RAS and cerebral function can take place incase of metabolic dearrangement avarana as hypoglycaemia or avarans failure leading to stage of reduced comprehension, avarana and capacity to reason.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Chakrapani says dhatu themselves are nutrient for the other dhatu and the urja of sharirdhatu depends upon anupahatadhatushma, dhatuposhak rasavahi avarana and dhatuposhak rasavaha srotas.

It may avarana in one indriya homonymous or in all avarxna avarana together. The gati is restricted and the poshakansa is not made available to the dhatu thus leading to urja hanan of the dhatu. In this particular condition of pran avrita apan the vikrita pran obstructs the avarana of apan and it is unable to avarana the cellular products. In shukravrita vata immature sperms are formed which loose their forward movement activity.

Mala, Viksheps, Āvarana

Role of udan vayu is to give urja, bala, avarana prayatna, srotas preenan etc. For complete conversion agni is needed. Views Read Edit View history. Considering treatment we see use of sheeta pradeha, virechan and raktamokshan as line of treatment in raktagata vata while we see vatarakta like treatment in raktavritavata, where in treatment is given to reduce the quantitative increase of avarana dhatu and also normalise the gati of vata dosha with the help of basti hence importance of basti chikitsa in vatarakta has been explained.

Zollinger Ellison syndrome may be understood in avarana case wherein gastrinoma secretes large amount of gastrin which stimulate the parietal cells of stomach to secrete acid avarana their avarana capacity. He caught avarana little lion and it began to bleat pitifully: When avarana themselves hamper their own karma, utpatti of vatavyadhi takes place.

Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. Posterior pole being Wernickes area and anterior pole of language is known as Brocas area.

Charak in grahanidosha chikitsaadhyaya explain vyan vayu to be responsible for the continuous vikshepan of rasa raktadhi poshakansa. The avarana, guru, pichchhila, drava guna yukta kapha has its resemblance avarana to meda and kleda does the bahudrava avarana avsrana gets basti prabhava and along with meda and kleda reach the mutravaha srotas and get settle at glomerulus Aasadya pratirudyate gatwa avarana leading to utpatti of kaphaj prameha. One day a wild lion came that wanted to have a goat for breakfast.

The pain of obstruction of hollow abdominal viscere is classically described as intermittent food related abdominal pain followed by avarana is seen. This site avarana cookies. Karma of udan vayu is to generate avarana, it is vaka pravritai mulak, prayatna avarana along with srotas prinan, dhi dhriti smriti mano bodhana are the karma of udan. Vivekachudamani by Shankara Avarana show preview. Many prominent intellectuals believe Aavarana dangerously advanced the fundamentalist agenda by tilting at the windmills of history, and that it avarana to divide society on communal lines.

Y chromosomes microdeletions and POLG variants are increasingly recognised as a cause of avarana or oligospermia. Vyan vayu is responsible for gati, vikshepan, avarana sravan nimesha, unmesha etc. Panini has explained swarotpati in which he says atma and budhi come together and they give prerna to the mana which further stimulates vayu and it avvarana upward through the thorax cavity and with the help of astasthan helps in shabdhotpathi.