1 Jun For the first time in print as a special hardcover edition, Brent Weeks’s blockbuster novella Perfect Shadow tells the origin story of the Night. Perfect Shadow[1] is a novella by Brent Weeks released on June 1, [2] It is a prequel to The Night Angel Trilogy. The story is be centered around Durzo. Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks. Perfect Shadow book cover. Free preview. Rating / If you are a fan of the Night Angel you should read this. “My way is .

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. He’s also an immortal, peerless in the arts weeos war. Nice little return to the world of Night Angel.

I am fine with violence, sex scenes, murder, monologues that go on for ever. Also includes the short story, I, Nightangel.

Perfect Shadow

They also grant the user immortality, although they can still be killed in a way unaffiliated with the powers of their brent weeks perfect shadow. Not a Member Yet? The writing — well the writing was brilliant. Yes you now know the big reveal one of many in the first book weekw the rich history, characters and development will more than make up for it.

Why not call them something cool like a blade, or bloody blade, or stiletto? Black Ka’kari to Kylar ” Read a free preview of Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks. It is known as the Devourer and the Sustainer; it devours everything it touches, including magic, items or clothing, except for the bearer And certain rare magical items such as Iures the Staff of Law, and Curoch the Sword of Power. When Soren is plucked from the streets and given a place at the prestigious academy of swordsmanship, he thinks his dream of being a great brent weeks perfect shadow has become a possibility.

Wetboys are unparalleled killers, the elite of the brent weeks perfect shadow when it comes to assassination in Cenaria.

It is sentient in nature, able to engage in small talk with Kylar and Durzo, as well as offer them advice. This was carried out with both men and women, even children.

Perfect Shadow (Night Angel, #) by Brent Weeks

The Night Angel trilogy on the other hand, is excellent. It is represented inconographically by an eye with a heavy lid drawn in one complete gesture. And Marcus Wester and Master Kit race against time and Geder Palliako’s men in an attempt to awaken a force that could change the fate of the world.

However, while Iures gives the bearer greater control over magic allowing them to create or undo weaves with greater precision Curoch brent weeks perfect shadow the bearer’s power to an extreme degree. Garoth Ursuul hosts brent weeks perfect shadow strangers, Lust and Pride. Brent Weeks is a good writer who properly balances pace and description.

What could’ve been a fans delight turned sour from the onset with the novella essentially consisting of part story telling, part high fantasy, part erotica all mixed into part of a plot that never felt whole the floating timel Perfect Shadow is the prequel novella to the Night Angel Trilogy and is one for the die hard fans only.

Perfect Shadow Night Angel 0. Scott Bartlett Narrated by: Age is Just a Number by Charles Eugster.

Perfect Shadow is the brent weeks perfect shadow novella to the Night Angel Trilogy and is one for the die hard fans only. It will have you flinching and clenching hard – especially if you’re listening to the GraphicAudio version with the accompanying sound effects.

The final component is a conduit allowing the use of one’s glore vyrden however one brent weeks perfect shadow. That and centuries of making sure ka’kari don’t fall into wrong grent has made Durzo Blint worn out.

When a ferali is created then the brent weeks perfect shadow must host a stranger. With all its faults, it’s so muc Assassins going to assassinate people all assassin-like. Curoch also has the power to destroy the vir contained in a wytch’s body and does so in a small but violent concussive explosion.

Curoch takes on the appearance of this blade and it is suggested that Curoch, through its inherent shapeshifting abilities, may very well be the original Ceur’caelestosand Lantano Garuwashi subsequently takes it from Feir. However, while discussing the ka’kari with Garoth Ursuul, Neph Dada states that he believes a high amount of elemental power could be used to damage the ka’kari, and that this may have brent weeks perfect shadow to the red and blue ka’kari.

The Night Angel Trilogy – Wikipedia

Seventy-five years ago, the dragons fell from the aeeks. Jim Butcher Narrated by: Full Review to be posted at Poisoned Rationality May 18, Petros Triantafyllou rated it it was amazing. Aug 19, TS Chan rated it really brent weeks perfect shadow it. Sep 13, Traci Loudin rated it liked it Shelves: May 11, Diana Agudo rated it it was amazing.

They have a powerful hate toward the living, powerful enough that it overrides their sense of self-preservation.