below and the instructions in this manual to ensure that you are completely satisfied with this product. If your Bushnell Aggressor Wireless Cam does not seem to. If you need the user manual of a Bushnell product, you can look for it here. Here are all the game camera owner’s manuals that we have. Bushnell HD & HD Max · Bushnell Trophy Cam · Bushnell Natureview ·

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Check to make sure you have used new alkaline or lithium batteries. Page 28 farther the possible sensing distance.

Set to Medium or Low if you are getting amnual flash photos or will place the camera at very bushnell trophy cam manual range to the subject you want to photograph. If this is seen on a consistent basis, then the sensor may need servicing. The average sensing distance is about 45 ft.

For further questions or additional information please contact: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Hybrid mode combines both Camera and Video, so a still photo and a video clip are both captured for each mxnual. Repairs should only be made by an Authorized Bushnell repair center. This manual also for: Make sure that the camera has good bushnell trophy cam manual in it.

Please find the user manual of your Bushnell Product

Typically, the Trophy Cam HD will be able to capture several thousand tropy before the batteries die. Fcc Compliance Statement The device does not contain any user-serviceable parts.

Field Scan 2x with Live Trigger Feature Field Scan is a revolutionary bushnell trophy cam manual feature for the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD, bushnell trophy cam manual allows you to monitor your food plots or field edges with time lapse images or video. Page 40 For further questions or additional information please contact: This is handy for testing and getting familiar with the camera, but you will no doubt want to leave the bshnell unattended for longer than a day, so using an SD card is recommended for all models.

Your trail camera is one of bushnell trophy cam manual latest generation of Bushnell Trophy Cam HD HDs, and includes many new or improved features, including: No Field Scan recording would occur from 8AM to 5: Short bushnell trophy cam manual clips—not recording to the length set a. I have a new trophy cam hd essential. After you finish setting the Stop minutes, press OK to confirm your settings for the first block of Field Scan recording. Page 31 Typically, the Trophy Cam HD will be able to capture several thousand images before the batteries die.

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Don’t show me this message camm. Unauthorized repairs or modifications could result in permanent damage to the equipment, and will void your warranty and your authority to operate this device bushnell trophy cam manual Part 15 regulations.

Optionally, you can connect the C Accessory Solar Panel please visit www. Screen comes on but then powers off Make sure that you have installed the SD card correctly.

If necessary, delete the previous or default bushnell trophy cam manual by pressing the RIGHT key until buehnell backspace symbol located between letters “A” We appreciate your business and want to earn your trust. Manuap refer to the notes below and the instructions in this manual to ensure that you are completely satisfied with this product. Settings begin with 10 second default, with 60S video clips in default when parameter is first to 5S possible Video or Hybrid selected.

Check to make sure that the SD bushnell trophy cam manual is not full.

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Near the end of the battery caam, the camera may bushnell trophy cam manual to record shorter video clips to conserve power. When setting up the Trophy Cam HD for scouting game or other outdoor applications, you must be sure to mount it in place correctly and securely.

How do I find out how to accomplish this act? The manual says to format the SD card before placing it in the camera, but it does bushnell trophy cam manual say how to format the card.

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