M & T Lathes A Operation & Maintenance Manual and Parts List is available for this lathe Harrison M – circa model M Photo Essay. Machinery Manuals | Parts Lists | Maintenance Manual | Service Instructions Manuals Is Proud To Offer 1 Quality Bound Copy Of A: Harrison M, 13in. 31 Mar Hi guys. I bought this lathe on UK eBay today. I need to know how large a ‘ footprint’ the short version has, so I can make space for it in m.

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The double-wall apron carries a supply of lubricant harrison m300 manual its base with a level window let into the headstock-end face that can be distributed to the bed and cross slide by a simple hand-operated plunger pump.

The 38 mm 1. Screwcutting is provided through a well-supported, ball-thrust-equipped 28 mm 1. Centralised lubrication is fitted, activated by the button on the bottom right hand side of the apron.

The headstock gears, all induction-hardened, run in a simple splash oil bath and are moved by two rather harrison m300 manual levers on the front face of the headstock; as a safety measure the levers have to be harrison m300 manual in before they can be turned and their finish, which is far too smooth, can make harrison m300 manual difficult to operate with oily hands.

Best Wishes Erik [ Gears in the screwcutting and feeds’ gearbox were all induction hardened and ground with the threading and feed ranges selected by three levers and an 8-position rotary dial. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery.

The range of power sliding feeds varies from 0. QQcmdZViewItem all the best. While we do harrison m300 manual charge for our service, it does cost us a considerable amount of money to bring all of this content to you. Login to Your Account. The fault was quickly recognised by the makers and a replacement drum part: The box runs in an oil bath a level window is fitted on the front face with the lower gears distributing the oil by splash.

The lathe shown is fitted with harrison m300 manual optional dual English and Metric micrometer dials. Harrison M saddle and compound slide rest detail. That makes it hard to get anything, but I harrison m300 manual to try. The spindle, which runs in Gamet Super-precision opposed-thrust roller bearings, has a generous 38 mm 1. Simple, neatly laid-out and clear screwcutting chart. Surprisingly, for a lathe harrison m300 manual found in training workshops, the leadscrew is not protected by a cover as on the M, but there are torque-limiting clutches on both the leadscrew and powershaft – though earlier models were protected by a limiter on the powershaft with just a mild-steel shear-pin through the splined shaft of the top changewheel stud to prevent over-load damage to the leadscrew.

Harrison M Lathe Operators Manual – Free eBooks Library

As a final touch, tailstocks on later versions of harrison m300 manual M carry felt bed wipers to help reduce the inevitable wear to the front section of the sole plate. Electrical stop, start and reverse of the spindle is by a “third-rod” system controlled by a lever attached to, and moving with, the apron. Most models have 12 spindle speeds arranged in harrison m300 manual progression in a ratio of 1. A total of 39 metric, 35 English, 18 Module and 18 Diametrical pitches could be achieved by moving the control levers and either rearranging the standard changewheel set – or employing the extra non-metallic hence quiet-running gears that were supplied with the machine in order for it to achieve its full threading range.

The cross and top slides are identical to those used on the later Colchesterand series Student and Master lathes. Help – Harrison M manual or brochure needed. Fitted with feed screws carrying twin ball-thrust races, hafrison for the cross slide on early models had a nut closed by a wedge in common with many conventional msnual made by the Group to allow the elimination of backlash – though when the assembly is badly worn this arrangement can disguise the imminent failure of harrison m300 manual threads.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The speed-control levers had a finish that was far too smooth making harrison m300 manual difficult to operate with oily hands.

Index by Machine Type. Feeds are engaged by a traditional push-pull plunger and engaged and disengaged a very light-action, flick-up-and-down lever the operation of which is not affected by the how hard the lathe is working. Results 1 to 5 of 5. harrison m300 manual

I’ll ask in the Harrison Yahoo group also. I may be able to get a manual here in Denmark in a week or so, but I need harrison m300 manual right now. Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate.


Metal Working Machinery Publication Title: And I am trying hard to get as much of the accessories with it as possible, but already before the auction ended it was at the Machinemovers. Both the electrical isolator and coolant pump switch manjal mounted on the left-hand face of the stand – the latter a unit that is well made and supplied with a harrjson tray, splash-back and locking tool cupboard as standard. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the harrison m300 manual, please refer to the cookie policy.

When I lose hope, I’ll harrison m300 manual it home as soon as possible. Both were listed with, as standard, an all-metric screwcutting gearbox or screwcutting by changewheels and often but not always with the Manuwl version fitted with a motor rated harrison m300 manual 0. Donations can be made through PayPal or by sending a check or money order to us. If you find the information on this web site useful, please consider making a donation to the Vintage Machinery web site.

Thank you for trying. Donate via Check or Money Order: Erik, I sent you a PM regarding this manual. Induction hardened as standard, the bed mmanual be ordered either straight harrison m300 manual with a detachable gap in both lengths able, in the latter case, to accept a piece of material up to mm 19″ in diameter and mm 4.

Harrison m300 manual of an excellent mechanical specification equipment provided as standard with the M has generally been sparse: I bought this lathe on UK eBay today. And Harrison still sell a M, but it looks like it’s grown a bit in length over the years. Harrison m300 manual comparison with earlier Harrison screwcutting gearboxes the “Universal” unit fitted to the Manuaal is a considerable hareison and capable of reliably transmitting much great torque.

I need to janual how large a “footprint” the short version has, so I can make space for it in harrison m300 manual small shop.

As is not uncommon, the photographer harrison m300 manual put the toolpost in the one position to be avoided when taking the first cut …. Fitted on either the left or right of the apron to the customer’s choice the carriage traverse handwheel can be disengaged when using power feeds. By harrison m300 manual use of additional changewheels 18 Module pitches from 0. Although safety equipment has varied during a long production run most machines have a useful “power-on” light, a rather small headstock-mounted, mushroom-headed emergency stop button, a long, foot-operated and very powerful spindle-brake and “motor-off” bar and electrical interlocking of the changewheel guard.

Yes, harrison m300 manual a M was for sale last week, I checked with Tony Griffiths’ website.