The Color Code Personality Profile also known as The Color Code or The People Code, of the population; Blues 35%; Whites 20%; and Yellows 20%. A question test assesses one’s color, based on whether you answer A, B, C, or D. A New Way to See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life. Hartman. PERSONALITY. PROFILE. Instructions: Part One consists of 30 groups of descriptive words. people code personality test The Hartman Personality Profile was created by Taylor Hartman, business consulting in Sandy UT, and is the most accurate.

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They are highly committed and loyal. Blues love to give of themselves to others. Why does he seem so disconnected?

Hartman Personality Profile

Learn how each personality engages teams, business and life situations. Reds are the power wielders of the world. Motivated tfst Peace, Whites will do anything to avoid confrontation.

Reds use logic, vision and determination. The main idea behind the Hartman Personality Profile is that all people possess one of four driving “core hartman color code personality test. They are here to have a great time.

Life is a sequence of commitments hartman color code personality test blues. We can explain where the puzzle pieces hartman color code personality test more importantly, why they go there. Blues love with passion. What is it that creates conflict in your business and personal relationships, and how can you change it? They may tend to give priority to work over personal relationships. Whites are kind, considerate, patient and accepting. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Yellows are motivated by fun. People can be puzzling. Once you have embraced the COLOR CODE, you will understand why so many people claim that they can never see themselves or others the same again after having learned this system.

They are complex and intuitive and can be very opinionated. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Taylor Hartman, divides personalities into four colors: From a Red perspective, emotion has nothing to do with completing tasks.

Reds are about results and productivity.

Business Consulting in Sandy, UT

Red, motivated by power; Blue, motivated by intimacy; White, motivated by peace; and Yellow, motivated by fun. Reds are generally characterized as responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive. Yellows offer the gifts of enthusiasm hartman color code personality test optimism.

Improve your relationship vision to a perfect Blues are highly personaliyt perfectionists.

Unlike personality tests that describe your behavior, The Color Code will help you discover your driving core motive. Clarity and tesf are White gifts.

They dislike working at someone else’s pace. Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life. Learn how to re-connect with your partner.

Choose :: ColorCode Personality Science

They are comfortable teet creative environments. They are hartman color code personality test looking for something new to do. That feeling fosters their need to feel good inside. They develop friendships with ease but can be very self-centeredkeeping them from forming meaningful relationships.

By understanding what motivates you and the people you interact with regularly, you can build more effective relationships.

They bring great gifts of vision and leadership. Whites don’t commonly share what they are feeling, understanding or seeing. Blues are the most controlling of the four colors. They may come across as harsh and critical, even when they don’t mean to. What is your innate driving core motive? Every other profile is only behavior based what you dowhile this profile explains your driving core motive why you do hartman color code personality test.

They can be insecure and judgmental.

They won’t express conflict. Lacking trustthey find themselves resentful or unforgiving.