Lingua Latina per se Illustrata has ratings and 48 reviews. Entirely I’ve finally finished ‘Familia Romana’ part one of two of Orberg’s Lingua Latina course . Lingua Latina, Part I has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. Thomas said: You need very little knowledge of Latin or the Romance Languages to comprehend the text. Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se illustrata series is the world’s premiere textbook for learning Latin via the Natural Method. Students first learn grammar and.

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Refresh and try again. Instead, we learn the language in a much more pedagogically sound manner.

Hans Ørberg

Well, I’ve officially finished this; still love it. I don’t know if it would be appropriate in a class, but for self-study I couldn’t recommend it more. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Feb 03, Skye rated it it was amazing. I have read the manual on Latin. I have recently decided to resume studying Latin after a decades-long break after studying it in college.

Luisa added it Jun 16, Sammy rated it really liked it Nov 15, The Lingua Latina series incorporates the following features: Lingua Latina per se Illustrata The Latin Language Taught by Illustration is an entire novel written in Latin, complete with grammar sections in Latin and sidenotes in Latin helping explain the text.

Hans Oerberg’s impeccable Latinity, humorous stories, and the Peer Lauritzen illustrations make this work a classic. The results are often disappointing, both for student and teacher. Chapters consist of an illustrated and annotated reading, followed by a concise and formal discussion of the grammar used in the chapter as well as several Pensaor exercises, that require the student to apply these grammatical concepts to selections from the chapter’s reading.

Another advantage of the digital versions is that they also have audio recordings. Lingua Latina has worked, thus far.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Now my problem is that I don’t want to study languages using materials that don’t employ this or a similar method! lingux

Stelling so many questions about the Roman Empire, and whether there really ever was a man who said, in Latin, “I would not buy it for a farthing or a rotten nut,” or whether that had only been turned into Latin, that Tom had actually come to a dim understanding of the fact latnia there had once been people upon the earth who were so fortunate as to know Latin without learning it through the medium of the Eton Grammar. For those unfamiliar, Lingua Latina contains only Latin words.

Anita Thomer rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Even the grammar discussions are entirely in Latin, grammatical terminology being introduced as necessary.

Lingua Latina, Part I: Grammatica Latina I by Hans Henning Ørberg

A vocabulary of almost 1, words, reinforced by constant and creatively phrased repetition, vastly expands the potential for later sight reading. Compared to every other Latin textbook that I have seen, this is light years ahead.

These may be useful at the beginning, but I found myself skipping them and instead merely read through them and see if I understood the content of the chapter correctly. Aso Mao rated it liked it Nov 23, It should rather be used as supplementary reading to a textbook written in English explaining all the various grammatical constructs in the language. Latin is a largely useless dead language, but it is not unreasonable for anyone to develop interests in esoteric subjects as long as one is honest about how useful it is note that Latinists are often not honest with themselves first.

Sometimes, I couldnt pay attention to all lines because there were too I have read the manual on Latin. This page was last edited on 27 Octoberat One doesn’t, however, need any previous knowledge of Latin and if one is starting ‘from scratch’, one shouldn’t expect to match my speed of progress!

I realise my last comment sounds quite negative.

Lingua Latina – Familia Romana : Hans Henning Orberg :

If you prefer, there’s also the option to subscribe to an online version on this site. Lingua Latina, Part I: View all 4 comments. Stelling was not the man to enfeeble and emasculate his pupil’s mind by simplifying and explaining, or to reduce the tonic effect of etymology by mixing it with smattering, extraneous information, such as is given to girls. Familia Romana et Pars II.

Alun added it Feb 06, Jonathan A rated it it was amazing Aug 09,