The complete reference of Mafatih Al-Jinan book. Mafatih Al-Jinan is a collection of shia adie. Android version (Farsi – Arabic – English). Download app. Mafatih al Jinan – Mafatih Al Jinan – Arabic & English 1st time Complete Mafatih al Jinan in Arabic & English with Baqiyatus Swalehat. Mafatih Al jinan مفاتيح الجنان in Arabic with Urdu translation has Unknown page count pages. Reading Length provides a calculation for the word count of this.

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Also, the search functionality works great. It contains du’assupplications, Ziyarah textspractices specific to certain days, months, and occasions, religious practices and manners, as well as some anecdotes narrated from jjnan Prophet sImams aand Islamic scholars.

Mafatih al-jinan was very well received soon after it was published.

The recommended practices for some famous mosques, such as Masjid al-Kufa and Sa’sa’a b. This aal was last edited on 27 Juneat The app is worth every penny I paid and I am going to recommend it to mafqtih family and friends God willing. Retrieved from ” http: When you are done reading, click the ‘Stop and calculate’ button.

Mafatih al-jinan has been translated to English at least four times, but only the translation by Badr Shahin is a complete translation and has been published by Ansariyan Publications. Since the Mafatih al-jinan in full form is a large book, and it is not easy to be carried, many publishers have frequently published selections of it.

Mafatih Al-Jinan | Mobin Mobile

This should take you around hours and minutes to read! The first ziyarah, mafxtih has been mentioned in this chapter, is the Ziyarah of the Prophet s which is followed by the Ziyarah of Lady Fatima a and the Ziyarah of the Imams a of Baqi’ those Imams who are buried in the Baqi’ cemetery.

Stop and calculate You read this over an average of words per minute. In the second edition of Mafatih al-jinanShaykh ‘Abbas Qummi attached a section named Mulhaqat to the book. Maffatih was well-known in hadiths and history as well as preaching and orations. It includes the recommended acts during Nowruz and the Roman months. Find arxbic reading speed by taking one of these tests or by reading this book’s description, below. Since Mafatih al-jinan covers mostly individual acts of worship, Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli has composed and published the book of Mafatih al-hayat [literally meaning “keys to life”] based on hadiths regarding social and family relationships as well as daily life.

Mafatih Al-Jinan

The compiler of Mafatih al-jinan has included content from other books including Iqbal al-a’mal by al-Sayyid b. Muhammad Rida al-Qummi b. Sayyid Hashim Rasuli Mahallati translated this book. Unknown page count pages Wordcount: Toggle navigation Menu Reading Length. The compiler has included his al-Baqiyat al-salihat to Mafatih al-jinan which has been published in the margin of various editions. The last content of this chapter, which was the last content of the first edition of Mafatih al-jinanis the Ziyarah of the Graves of the Faithful and the related du’as.

Mafatih-i nuwinwhich is actually the modified version of Mafatih al-jinanhas been collected and published by Ayatollah Makarim Shirazione of the Shi’a marja’s. Tahir Khushniwis has written this book in neat calligraphy five times. Read for minutes each day and finish within a month!

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Works of Shaykh Abbas Qumi Prayer books. Mafatih al-jinan has been translated into many languages including Farsi, English, French, Turkish, Urdu, and Spanish. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Unknown number of words Accuracy: Guess No pagecount information available.

Mafatih Al jinan مفاتيح الجنان in Arabic with Urdu translation | Reading Length

View on Amazon Learn more on Reading Length. A must have app for every Muslim. Start reading Sorry, no description found.

Several long and short Surahs of the Qur’an are usually printed in the beginning of Mafatih ap. Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi wrote at the end of the first print of his book: Also, some du’as included in this book, such as ‘Adilahave not been quoted from the Arablcbut rather from Islamic scholars. A free online version of Mafatih-i nuwin has been published on the official website of the author, Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi: