Many Ramayanas: The Diversity Of A Narrative Tradition In South Asia [Paula Richman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Oxford Universit . Throughout Indian history, many authors and performers have produced, and many patrons have supported, diverse tellings of the story of the exiled prince. Many Ramayanas has 53 ratings and 9 reviews. Harini said: A great collection of essays by Ramayana scholars, brilliantly edited! Paula Richman (Editor).

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The queen of that kingdom is in love with him and sends him her messenger; he uses her knowledge of the fort to breach it and defeat the king.

Patterns of Difference Thus, not only do we have one story told by Valmiki in Sanskrit, we have a variety of Rama tales told by others, with file: So Kaikeyi calls for the king to redeem two boons that he awarded her when once she saved his life on the battlefield: By examining the portrayal of this incident in a selected set of Sanskrit, Many ramayanas paula richman, and Hindi Ramayana texts, Erndl demonstrates how its moral ambiguities have generated a whole array of renditions and commentaries.

Banished, she finds refuge with the venerable sage Valmiki, to whom the composition of the Ramayana is traditionally attributed, and in the shelter of his hermitage gives birth to twin sons, Lava and Kusa. Dineshchandra Sen, Bengali Ramayanas. May many ramayanas paula richman, Warren Perry rated it liked it. When celebrations associated with the image of the Emerald Buddha were held, he saw to it that performances of episodes from the Ramakien story were included.

When he was born, his mother was given a necklace of nine gems, which she put around his neck. The scene so moves the poet and sage Valmiki that he curses the hunter. For example, in many ramayanas paula richman very popular rituals in southern Thailand the enactment of certain episodes from the Rama story most notably that in which Rama many ramayanas paula richman Ravana serves as a substitute for the performance of animal sacrifice.

Mumme 1 1. The Artisans of Banaras, c. Here we shall look at only one example, the Thai Ramakirti.

Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia – Google Books

In the iconic and cultic strand, the vision of Rama as a royal hero who embodies Buddhist values is vividly portrayed for all to see. He has emasculated me and rejected her in anger. Why have you come here? Beginning with the low grass and the creeping ant with nothing whatever, he took everything in his city, everything many ramayanas paula richman, everything still, he took everything, everything born of the lord of four faces, he took them all to the very best of states.

Through it, Kampan introduces all his themes and emphases, even his characters, his concern with rochman themes implicit in Valmiki many ramayanas paula richman, the whole dynasty of Rama’s ancestors, and his vision of bhakti through the Ramayana.

He went directly to the river Sarayu and disappeared in the flowing waters.

The sage Vasistha and the god Brahma came to see many ramayanas paula richman. Together, the essays in this volume bear witness to the plurality of Ramayana tradition.

When I actually analyzed his reading of the story of Rama, however, I found much of it strikingly compelling and coherent if viewed in light of his anti-North Indian ideology. They have monkeys as emblems on their flags: It is not of abiding importance; rather, it has been written to be used on celebrative occasions.

Rama at first refuses to take Sita back, since many ramayanas paula richman has lived in the household of another man. Historians of religion, scholars of South Many ramayanas paula richman, folklorists, cultural anthropologists—all will find here refreshing perspectives on this tale. Or these translation-relations between texts could be thought of in Peircean terms, at least in three ways. Hindi Parisad Prakasan, ; in Hindi. The Thais are moved by Ravana’s sacrifice of family, kingdom, and life itself for the sake of a woman.

Meanwhile, Ravula himself becomes pregnant, his pregnancy advancing a month each day. We read the scholarly modern English translation largely to gain pauoa sense of the original Valmiki, and we consider it successful to the extent that it resembles the original.

The appropriation of the story by a multiplicity of groups meant a multiplicity of versions through which the social aspirations and ideological concerns of each group were articulated. A crow steals some of the rice and takes many ramayanas paula richman to Ravana’s wife, who eats it and gives birth to Sita.

For example, Indra plays a more prominent role than in most Hindu tellings, kannic explanations are more common, and Buddhist attitudes toward life are given greater play. South Gujarat University, ; V.

In the case of the Ramakien tradition, however, we are dealing with a relatively recent cult established by Rama I, the same king many ramayanas paula richman sponsored damayanas primary Ramakien text. Such a mythic groundswell also many ramayanas paula richman us hear other tones in the continual references to nature, the potent presence of birds and animals as the devoted friends of Rama in his search for his Sita.

Although Narayana Rao’s article in this mny deals only with Telugu women’s songs, the emphases and perspectives characteristic of these songs seem to occur elsewhere in Indian women’s Ramayana traditions. Their differences intrigue us because they testily to the diversity of Indian culture, indicating that throughout history multiple voices were heard within the Ramayana tradition.

Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia

Smith has made a major contribution for Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese Ramayanas: The Thai Version of the Rarnayana Bangkok: Non-Hindu males, men labeled “low-caste,” and women of many communities have created and maintained counter -Ramayanas.

In Thapar’s analysis, Doordarshan presented a Ramayana telling that reflected the concerns not many ramayanas paula richman the vast majority of Indians but ricgman what she calls “the middle class and other aspirants to the same status.

In the discussion of the Ramakirti to follow, I am indebted to the work of Many ramayanas paula richman and Singaravelu. Here is a set of questions pauula a Jaina text begins by asking: I shall mention here only a few which were directly useful to me: They advise him to feed and dress the child, and leave her some place where she will be found and brought up by some couple. Oxford University Amny, ,