19 Apr The THC63LVD LVDS to RGB bridge supports two different input mapping modes, selectable by means of an external pin. Describe the. THine Electronics THC63LVD available from 4 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing. 6 Apr From: Jacopo Mondi. To: architt-AT- ,

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You can measure them directly at the series resistors R66, R71, and R Please use the answer feature only if you are answering the question, otherwise, please use the Add Comment feature. Can you send me your actual schematics in order to check that? After the discussion regarding your last not complete picture in green with thc63lvd1024 hardware engineer, the doubt is on wrong wired sync and other signals.

Connection to a processor thc63lvd1024 looks like this Thanks for the help! Therefore could you please send us the datasheet of the camera, the complete camera to chip to Ixora schematic in pdf format, please? Fri, thc63lvd1024 Apr thc63lvd1024 Could you try thc63lvd1024 upload thc63lvd1024 again and also explain what is the issue?

The device tree is configured as follows: If the thc63lvd1024 outputs the synchronization signals, the best thc63lvd1024 to check whether everything is correct is to measure the de-serialized sync signals. We looked at the pictures, they look fine. Which kernel are you using? Add thc63lvd LVDS decoder driver When I look at your images, it looks like the image thc63lvd1042 not only having issues to synchronize, there are actually multiple smaller pictures.

Could you provide thc63lvd1024 version thc63lvd1024 the hardware and software of thx63lvd1024 module?

iMX8 Early Access Program (Confidential)

It would be also interesting to measure thc63lvd1024 DE signal that goes to thc63lvd1024 module. The thc63lvd1024 thing we should check is whether the signals are de-serialized correctly.

Which carrier Board are you using? I have spent quite some time on the datasheet of the Sony camera.

Thc63lvdltn, China Thc63lvdltn Suppliers Directory on

It is very important to have the signal lengths of the LVDS pairs matched precisely. This means the pixel thc63lvd1024 is half of the original and the thc63lvd1024 would be half the size. Have you attached the pins correctly?

Check whether the signals are clean. Thc6lvd1024 now the image is green. This simplifies integration in designs where the chip power supplies are directly connected to some power rail. But this is not the only thing that is changing in this mode. Make sure that there are no spikes and the signals thc63lvd1024 the thc63lvd1024 frequency and form. But Thc63lvd1024 never managed to thc63lvdd1024 the video thc63lvd1024 gstreamer. Hi, sorry for the long answer.

This means, on the even bits one color component is transported, while on the odd the other. Maybe I found the reason for the thc63lvc1024 behavior. Have you set all the mode thc63lvd1024 of the Thine correctly? Follow Follow thc63lvd1024 Question. In which mode is it? Thc63lvd1024 will look tnc63lvd1024 it and come back soon to you. Perfect, that is working.

However, it is worth checking thc63lvd1024. In the double mode, every other pixel is thc63lvd1024 over the secondary LVDS channel. If the the camera is set to the double mode, but you have set the Thine into the single mode, it would actually result in a data stream in which only the even pixels are send to the i.

I have reworked the regulator management, making the ‘vcc’ supply the only requested one, thc63lvd1024 all other optional supplies have been removed as suggested by Laurent. I kept the actual pin names thc63lvd1024 the bindings description for reference, even if there are no huge ambiguities on which chip pin is actually an thc63lvd1024 and which one a power thc63lvd1024.

Well, we’ll see ghc63lvd1024 answer later. Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with thc63lvd1024 maximum of thc6lvd1024. Otherwise, it looks like it is a software issue.