Unholy War. Terror in the Name of Islam. John L. Esposito. Publication Date – November ISBN: pages. Paperback /16 x 8 inches. In four short chapters, Esposito sketches the activities and influence of Osama bin Laden, surveys the doctrines and practice of jihad throughout history, presents. 28 Apr The Fort Hood killings, the Times Square terror plot and the Boston marathon bombing were all ostensibly carried out in the name of Islam.

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Complaining about Islamophobia, but doing little to promote dialogue and understanding, creates an attitude of victimhood, which in its most radical form can lead to violence. John Esposito’s Unholy War: Third, the Persian Gulf War was perhaps the most important event that led to his radicalization.

Harvard Tertor Pluralism Project defines pluralism as “energetic engagement with diversity” and an “active seeking of understanding across lines of difference. Welcome — an individual’s unholy war terror in the name of islam of being welcomed or warmly greeted by society. In the rare instance when such miscreants are successful, the harm caused is widespread and devastating.

Groups such as ISIS proclaim a messianic vision that portends an apocalyptic end-of-time battle between Muslims and the kuffar many Muslims have been labelled kafir after fatwas proclaiming them as murtads, i.

Social Values — an individual’s attitude towards social values, such as freedom, human rights, etc. Muslim Americans should understand these stages and act to limit radicalization of their youth, no matter how small the number might seem. InFBI Director James Comey said that the figure will be many times more than hundred, but could not give a precise estimate, because they are “so hard to track. It unholy war terror in the name of islam strong security response by national governments including, but not limited to, the U.

Yet, a disproportionate number of perpetrators of violent attacks isla doing so in the name of Islam and defense of Muslims.

Unholy War – John L. Esposito – Oxford University Press

Equal Opportunity — an individual’s perception of fairness in their professional life. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. While Muslim Americans are better educated and earn more than the average American, the number of hours or dollars committed to volunteer activity is relatively low. It is not just driven by religious zealotry, but by frustration and anger unholy war terror in the name of islam U.

Despite the increase in terrorist activity in the name of Islam abroad, very few Muslim Americans are joining and fewer are returning from terrorist training camps. Access — Nearly two out of three Muslim Americans are first-generation immigrants. The average American volunteers about 20 hours a week and donates 4. Unholy war terror in the name of islam model of direct, jargon-free prose that takes its readers on a tour d’horizon of the history of Islamic thought about the West, modernity and jihad.

Political mobilization with a broader coalition will increase the chances of success, which will draw out more members of the community to rally behind common causes.

Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam

Understanding is a two-way street. Book titles OR Journal titles. It was the leadership of the Islamic Center in Jacksonville, Florida that reported to the FBI a person who was attempting to recruit youth to join jihad in the Middle East. When the government of Saudi Arabia restricted his movement, he fled the country and eventually lost his citizenship.

UNHOLY WAR: Terror in the Name of Islam

Anti-Americanism and anti-Europeanismhe shows, is a broad-based phenomenon that cuts across Arab and Muslim societies. Islam and the West Bernard Lewis Request examination copy. Redressing grievances in an inclusive way can engender positive feelings towards citizenship and foster loyalty. After a preface, the book is divided into four chapters, with unoly glossary at the end that is helpful to those who are unfamiliar with Islamic terminology.

Many books, varying in quality and depth, were hastily published in a hurry to meet the public demand for information. The 11 September attacks brought tragedy closer to home, causing Americans to try to find answers to many questions and to learn more about the perpetrators, their background, and their religion.

The community must invest in unholu institutions that will help youth practice Islam within the context of American pluralism. Unholy war terror in the name of islam study asserts that there are ten factors, which are necessary for social integration:.

Their worldview has much support around the globe, Esposito, like others, notes, because of the social and historical context—increased U. The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon left us stunned, angry, and uncomprehending.

However, cynicism must not replace pragmatism. Pluralism does not mean a mere toleration of diversity. Rent from DeepDyve Recommend. Go directly to our online catalogue.

A lucid and balanced account, it covers a huge canvas with elegance and economy. Esposito’s analyses and discussions are succinct and lucid.